Contact management: Mareike Nissen

  1. 3X vocal microphones-SM58
  2. 7X direct Boxes
  3. A complete mic set for a drumset (BD, SN top, SN bottom, TOM1, FT + Stereo paired condenser mics for overheads)
  4. A 421 AKG for guitar speaker.
  5. Three floor monitors
  6. Three wireless monitoring systems (we provide the in ear phones)
  7. Cables and stands for all the system
  8. A 2X2 riser for the drumset with a carpet
  9. A P.A. System that covers the area efficiently
  10. A front + back light system that covers at least every member + control desk F.O.H.situated
  11. A back led wall video system sized in accordance with the stage
  12. A mixer with at least 16ch with at least 6 auxilar outputs with all the dynamics (external or digital)
  13. 1 guitar amp, fender twin or similar
  14. 1 bass amp, Hartke LH500 or Ampeg SVT classic + 410 cabinet or similar
  15. A high end full drumset (DW collector’s or performance or similar)
  16. An 88 weighed keys keyboard with piano, electric piano and rhodes sounds on its stand.
  17. A Hazer machine that covers all the stage

A stage hand, a capable sound technician who knows the system and a light designer/operator. In larger venues we need a pair of sidefills and a monitor technician with its own desk situated aside the stage.