Format: Trio

  • Main vocals & bass
  • Guitar & keyboard
  • Drums, sequences


Live video

Sala Asklepios, Valladolid, 2021

Artist & releases

Raymores is a singer, musician, composer and music producer. In May 2022 he published the single “Pasito a Paso”. Before he surprised his audience with unexpected musical arrangements. “Ordinary Love” (January 2022), a disco-pop-funk fusion, sung as a duo with the Anglo-German artist Anna Stumpf. “Brillos”, a neosalsa style composition, presented in duo with the Colombian singer Giovanna Giacometto (May 2021). The release of his album “Click!” in June 2020 was his first step as a solo artist with a determined style, image and message. In his songs Raymores exposes his personality, life style and opinions in a natural way, which sharply outlines an image of a balanced, thoughtful, socially active, animal loving and talented artist.


Music style

Singing mainly in English Raymores stays with his Latin American roots by writing some Spanish songs, too. Viewing his music style as alternative rock is fair, yet not sufficient. Latin and AfroAmerican influences can not be missed by an attentive audience. You might even say that the Calypso Ukulele, the funky bass and reggae guitar elements are building the bridge to the surf and world music culture. Keeping the creative process simple, staying carefully away from piles of tracks and overloaded compositions, Raymores’ music is easy to listen to. Substantial and critical lyrics transmitted in a positive and easy going mood are a distinct and recognizable attribute of his music. His style might be comparable with important artists like Ben Harper, José James, Jack Johnson, Asha among others.


Being such a wholesome artist, ready to take off, has its history. Raymores, was born in 1968 in Panama City, (Panama). Highly influenced by his musical brothers, a vegan grandfather (a pioneer in his times) and a business mother and grandmother he became a teenage-musician with questioning observations on society. With 20 years his band at the time “Peso Neto” came with the song “Vampiro abstemio” to national popularity and international recognition. 1989 the United States invaded the country which was followed by a national economic depression. This experience left a personal and professional scar on Raymores: To enforce the close down of the recording studio he was running at that time, he was woken up at night by soldiers invading his family home. In the following years he went on with his career as a sound engineer and musician, mainly working for other people’s projects. Looking for wider cultural horizons Raymores emigrated around the year 2000 first to Miami, USA, and soon to Madrid, Spain. Here he pursued his way playing in numerous bands, working as a technician in concert venues and recording studios.


Nowadays Raymores is running his own studio Land Ho! audiovisual solutions in Madrid, he works as a producer with other great artists and is a LARAS voting member. The online distributor Nudacy Records signed for the digital distribution of his songs.